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Superior slayer monsters are more powerful monsters than their normal slayer monster. They can only be fought when you have the "Bigger Badder" slayer ability unlocked. Speak to any slayer master, and see their learn shop to purchase this ability.
A superior can only spawn on slayer task. They spawn upon defeating a slayer monster. However not all monsters have a superior version.

Superior Rate Multipliers

There are ways to increase the chance for a superior to spawn. 
Here's all the available methods to increase your chance.

Superior Chance Increases
Where to obtain Location % Increase
Well of Goodwill West of Home 10%
Superior Wednesday None 15%
Bigger Badder 2 Ability Slayer Learn Shop 5% (Permanent)
Adventurer's Book Quest tab 1% (Permanent)

Superior Monsters

Here's a list of superior monsters, their rates and from which slayer master you can receive them.

List of Monster names, Spawn Rate and Slayer Master.
Monster Name Spawn Rate Slayer Master
Pyrefiend 1/250 Mazchna, Vannaka
Aberrant Spectre 1/250 Vannaka
Basilisk 1/250 Vannaka
Cave Horror 1/250 Vannaka
Jelly 1/250 Vannaka
Turoth 1/250 Vannaka
Bloodveld 1/250 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Jungle Horror 1/250 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Otherworldly Being 1/250 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Dust Devil 1/250 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Jungle Strykewyrm 1/250 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Infernal Spider 1/200 Vannaka, Chaeldar
Infernal Mage 1/250 Chaeldar
Nechryael 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Kurask 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Desert Strykewyrm 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Chilly Hand 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Dark Celestial 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Magma Elemental 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Magma Torcher 1/250, 1/200 Chaeldar, Sumona
Deep Water Snapper 1/175 Sumona
Blubbery Snapper 1/175 Sumona
Magma Beast 1/250, 1/200, 1/175 Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal
Lichwood Stag 1/250, 1/200, 1/175 Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal
Grovewarden Snake 1/250, 1/200, 1/175 Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal
Loreroot Fungal 1/250, 1/200, 1/175 Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal
Gargoyle 1/250, 1/200, 1/175 Chaeldar, Sumona, Kuradal
Abyssal Demon 1/200, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Abyssal Horror 1/200, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Ice Strykewyrm 1/200, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Giant Sea Snake 1/200, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Shadow Demon 1/150, 1/150 Sumona, Kuradal
Dravonic Demon 1/175, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Dravonic Devil 1/175, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Dravonic Hydra 1/175, 1/175 Sumona, Kuradal
Fire Dragon 1/175, 1/150 Sumona, Kuradal
Infernal Demon 1/175, 1/150 Sumona, Kuradal
Balrog 1/175, 1/150 Sumona, Kuradal
Dark Beast 1/175 Kuradal
Tormented Beast 1/150 Kuradal
Crystalite Gargoyle 1/150 Kuradal
Ebonchill Dragon 1/150 Kuradal