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There's so many different Hunter options I'm going to hit the most efficient way to 99 Hunter 🙂


CTR-G > Skilling > Hunter

Hunter Shop

Available in Shop
Impling jar, Bird snare, Box trap, Butterfly net, Rabbit snare,
Larupia Set, Lava (box) trap, Frost (box) trap, Void (box) trap

EXP boosts:

White Octo 25% Exp Boost
White dragon: 10% Exp Boost
White Monkey: 5% Exp Boost
Vote book X2 Exp Boost

Weekend bonus: 25% Exp Boost / 2x 24 hours

XP boosts stacks with all above.

EXP rates Gamemodes

Sir: X60 EXP

Lord: X35 EXP

Baron: X15 EXP

King: X5 EXP

Level 1-27 Crimson Swift

Bird Snare required

Sir: 2,040 exp

Lord: 1,190 exp

Baron: 510 exp

King: 170 exp

Level 27-63 Raccoon's

Box Trap required

Sir: 6,000 exp

Lord: 3,500 exp

Baron: 1,500 exp

King: 500 exp

Level 63-99 Carnivorous Chinchompa

Box Trap required

Sir: 15,900 exp

Lord: 9,275 exp

Baron: 3,975 exp

King: 1,325 exp

Enjoy the grind

99 Cape:
120 cape (104M exp):

Guide made by Matty