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Exora 667 is a custom economy RSPS aimed to bring a new runescape experience through new content such as NPCs, minigames, maps, weaponry and much more. Exora upholds a balance of existing Runescape content with a pleasant blend of new custom items and armors. Explore new areas filled with monsters you’ve never encountered before.

If you are at all interested in contributing and working on the Exora WIKI, please contact "Bennie" directly via the Exora forums or through the Exora Discord.

Beginner Guide

Welcome to the beginner's guide to Exora. This page will teach you the basics and important tips to get you through the server.

General Tips

If you'd like to quick teleport to certain locations that require you to go to it often, there are quick-actions/shortcuts that you may use.

  • CTRL + G (Opens the global teleports interface)
  • CTRL + H (Teleports you to the home area)
  • CTRL + S (Teleports you to the slayer camp)
  • CTRL + A (Teleports you to the skilling master)
  • CTRL + D (Dismisses your pet)
  • CTRL + 1,2,3,4 or 5 (Teleports you to the places you've chosen as a "favourite")

If you're ever unsure about an item, you can always check the wiki about its benefits. However you can also click on a skill to view the in-game item guide.

In-game Custom Item Guide


Tooltips are super helpful in-game. Tooltips can be viewed by holding CTRL and hovering over an item or certain interfaces that contain tooltips. You may also view tooltips of items that are contained in an interface. For example, you can view the tooltip information on items in the trading post.


Settings Manager

If you'd like to toggle certain options, or change the actions of F-Keys. You can do so by going to the settings tab and then clicking on either the F-Key button or the Settings Manager.

Settings Manager

The Start

Choosing Your Game Mode

Once you've created your account you'll have a few options to choose from. You'll be able to pick a game mode suited to your needs. From super fast experience, to very slow experience. Each game mode provides benefits, the lower the XP the higher the benefits are. Each prestige you do will also increase your benefits.

Tips: If you are seeking the best mode for PVM, highest drop rate bonus and the most benefits, you want to choose "King" mode for your main account - keep in mind this will require more time spent increasing levels, but it will be worth it for your PvM adventures! If you are making an account for skilling, collecting supplies, or as an alternate account to assist your main account with supplies; you may decide to choose "Sir" mode for the quickest experience - keep in mind this gives you the least amount of benefits for that account.

  1. Sir Mode
    - x150 Combat XP
    - x60 Skilling XP
    - Prestige Cap: 3
  2. Lord Mode
    - x80 Combat XP
    - x35 Skilling XP
    - +1% Increased Drop Rate
    - Prestige Cap: 5
  3. Baron Mode
    - x40 Combat XP
    - x15 Skilling XP
    - +2.5% Increased Drop Rate
    - 5% Increased Hit Rate
    - +150 Prayer Points
    - Prestige Cap: 10
  4. King Mode
    - x10 Combat XP
    - x5 Skilling XP
    - +5% Increased Drop Rate
    - 10% Increased Hit Rate
    - +400 Prayer Points
    - Prestige Cap: 20

After you've chosen your game mode, you can choose to make it an ironman or hardcore ironman account.

Account Creation Finished

When you are finished creating your account. You'll login with a bunch of starter items. The most important ones are the beginner equipment, beginner weaponry and the sad goblin pet. This set is better than the low tier beginner gear available. The beginner weaponry you receive are good weapons, with fast attack speed. It is recommended you use them. TIP: RS items are always worse than custom items. Keep that in mind.

Beginner Set

::STARTER - Beginner Progression

New players can have a hard time guiding through the game. So we've made a task system for everyone that guides you through specific tasks. The rewards are a new hybrid equipment set with the stats of dark lord, neon and solari combined and an exo weaponry set. The set is only available for 48 hours of worn time. After that it will be automatically destroyed. The starter tasks can be accessed via the ::starter command.

Starter tasks have to be completed in order from top to bottom. That means you can't progress a later task without having completed the previous. Starter tasks can only be completed once per account, per IP.


General knowledge

To teleport to the slayer camp you can use the shortcut key CTRL + S - It is located north-east from home. Before you begin, type ::ref bennie to receive a free ring of slayer.

Slayer Location

Slayer tasks can be skipped or blocked,
If you skip a slayer task you will ruin your streak and have to start over - the streak is important for extra slayer points
If you block a slayer task or use a "task reset scroll" you will keep your streak

Enchanted gem tells you where to find your slayer task monster.
Click on gem  - I need help with my slayer task
Enchanted Gem Slayer

You can always find out more at the Slayer guide itself.

First Purchases from Slayer

As a new player your first purchases can either be the ring of slaying, superior monster encounters, or the special drops ability.

  • Superior monster spawns give you another opportunity to make money, as you can sell the "Superior Essence" to other players
  • The special drops ability can give you special drops while on your slayer task, including things like Bluerite Polish and Slayer Scrolls (this gives 3-5 slayer points for free)

Tip: To learn more about a slayer ability simply hover over the ability in the shop. It will explain the ability and its benefits.

Go to any slayer master and ask to see their slayer point shop.
Slayer point shop

Battle Pets

Pets on Exora have an unique use in the game. All pets obtained from monsters are battle pets, with their own unique stats, and special attacks. Pets can be leveled and geared to help you out in combat. To level your pet, you'll have to feed it food.

Every player starts with the goblin pet. When you have your pet out examine it, to view its overall stats and level. It is not recommended to level your beginner pet, as while you play you'll eventually be able to obtain better pets. However the beginner pet will help you on your adventure! Higher Tier pets are recommended when you choose to level up a battle pet. Find this on the "Pets" page and refer to their food diets.

Exora Beginner Battle Pet

Login Rewards

Check-in Chest

You will need to click the Check-in Chest to be able to get the Attendance and Login rewards.

The Check-in Chest is located directly south of home. It is behind the general shops area.


Attendance Rewards

For every hour that you play, you'll unlock rewards up to 5 hours. These reset every day. You'll be notified once a reward is ready for you to claim.

Attendance Rewards

24 Hours Login Reward

Every day when you login, you'll have a daily login roll. With each day that you roll you'll have a higher chance at rarer rewards.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are quite easy to complete. They reward you with a daily mystery box, and some extra goodies depending on the daily task.

Skillmaster Durzag

The skill master, Durzag is a master of skilling. Players can receive skilling related tasks from Durzag. You may choose which tier of tasks you wish to receive. However in order to be able to get master tasks you'll have to complete a certain amount of easy, medium and hard tasks.


Once you complete a task you'll be given skill points.
Which you can then use to purchase from durzag's shop.

Durzag's Crystal
It can be purchased for 75 points.


There is no requirement to purchase this item, you can sell it to other players if you have not unlocked the ability to use it.
It will automatically complete your task scroll once you press on the collect button.

Note: you need to unlock the ability to use this item. Unlock the ability with Skill Points.


Note: Your crystal will be consumed.

You can always check out the Skillmaster Durzag page for more info!

Monster Machine

When you're playing and killing those pesky slayer monsters. You'll notice some 'weird' items like monster tendril, or rough monster tail. Those items can be used to create monster mystery boxes, and they can be used to level up your battle pet.

Head over to the slayer camp (CTRL + S). Near the slayer camp you'll find a machine. Simply click the machine, you'll be able to choose which monster mystery box to create.

Monster machine 1

It is recommended to save up your monster materials to upgrade a better pet in the future, as the materials are used for pet food.

*Again, do not upgrade the sad goblin pet*