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Bottomless potions are potions that allow you to infinitely use it, without any cooldowns, or drawback. They're highly sought after items, and to gain those it'll be a very hard grind!

Bottomless Overload

The bottomless overload boosts your stats up to 120, for 5 minutes.
Item Name How to Obtain
Dark Matter Skull Kill Dark Matter Demons
Deep Rock Abdomen Kill Deep Rock Monsters
Shadow Demon Tail Kill Shadow Demon
Oceanic Pearl Kill Underwater Monsters

Bottomless Saradomin Brew

Acts like a regular saradomin brew, however it has infinite sips.
Item Name How to Obtain
Ashey Logs Woodcut Magic Tree
Mysterious Fish Catch Raw Squid
Exorian Coin Pick-Pocket Hero

Bottomless Prayer Renewal

Acts like a regular prayer renewal, however it has infinite sips.
Item Name How to Obtain
Vial of Blood Kill Any Superior Monster
Hellside Imp Horns Catch Hellside Imp (Box Trap)
Gothmog Spine Kill Gothmog

Bottomless Aggression

Aggression potions makes monsters within a 8x8 radius aggressive towards you. The bottomless versions, of course grants you infinite sips.
Item Name How to Obtain
Akdall's Tail Kill Akdall The Forsaken
Khaashee's Wing Kill Khaashee
Vorago's Hide Kill Vorago

Other Ways To Obtain

The bottomless potions, can also be obtained via the Credit Exchange. Credits can be purchased with real money, or from other players.